Video - "Patterns song" from Australia

Banana Banana Meatball

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Pattern fish / by Trudy Harris

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Stripes of all types / read by Susan Stockdale

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Hooray for fish / by Lucy Cousins

ABCya "Shape Patterns"


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Why Koala has a stumpy tail

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Why bat hangs upside down
You see there was a time when Bat didn’t hang upside down. He used to fly all over Tinga Tinga, saying ‘Boo!’ to all the animals and giving them a fright. Nothing could be more fun for Bat. But one day Bat went too far… and the animals decided to give Bat a dose of his own medicine. Tales from Africa.

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How Tiger got his stripes

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The legend of Weesakayjack - First Nation Legend - How North America came to be

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The big rock
Found just south of the 50th parallel entering Campbell River, this 30 foot high rock could be a remnant of the Ice Age. But one legend has it that a boastful grizzly bear turned to stone after not heeding the Great Spirits advice and just failing to complete his attempt to jump from the mainland to Vancouver Island. The tide was high and his back foot touched the water and as the Great Spirit warned the bear turned to stone. Grizzly bears are plentiful along the mainland coastal inlets but none are found on Vancouver Island.

TVO Kids
Canada Crew "First Nations"
Bebe jumps at the chance to play a drum when she and Mo are invited to visit a First Nations powwow with Bob Goulais, while Gavin learns all about totem poles in British Columbia.

TVO Kids
Canada Crew "The North"
Bebe and Mo visit Canada's Territories where they build an inukshuk with inuk sculptor Naulaq, while Gavin visits his friend Bella the beluga in the Northwest Territories.

The Blackfoot Nation
Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park


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