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I SEE A SONG / BY ERIC CARLE (click on viewlet) invites audiences on a magical musical journey. But can you really see a song?


Mrs. Audra Frape (Grades K, 1, 2, 3)

My name is Audra Frape and this is my fourteenth year of teaching music at Prairie Waters. I have the unique and rewarding experience of helping students develop all the way through their early elementary years. This year I am teaching grades K,1, 2 and 3. I grew up in a musical family and now enjoy playing piano, flute and ukulele. I take great pleasure in helping my students appreciate the value of the arts in their own lives. I believe the arts help us discover who we are as we make human connections through music, dance and drama.

My teaching method is based on the Orff philosophy which is music education for the whole person. It is essentially an active music experiential approach.

"Tell me, I me, I remember...Involve me, I understand." Carl Orff

Ms Stephanie Willatt (Grades K, 1, 4, 5,6)

My name is Stephanie Willatt and this is my first year teaching fine arts at Prairie Waters Elementary. I will be teaching Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6 classes this year. I teach music using the Orff Approach, which combines music, movement, drama, and speech to create fun and exciting learning activities in a way that feels natural for students. I believe that it is important for students to have experiences with different art forms throughout their elementary school years. Being involved in music, drama, dance, and visual arts allows students to develop their own creativity and unique problem-solving skills. I also think it’s important for students to regularly reflect on their own learning and experiences in order to grow as well-rounded individuals. Since reflection is a natural process built into the arts, I make sure to give my students many opportunities to reflect on their own learning in my classes.

I’ve been playing music my whole life and I’m excited to share my love of music with the wonderful students who attend Prairie Waters Elementary. I grew up playing piano, and throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to play and sing in many different bands and choirs. I’m currently playing bassoon with the Calgary Wind Symphony which has allowed me to continue to grow and develop as a musician.

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