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Builder mouse / Sofia Eldarova
Two mouse friends have two distinctly differnt uses for leftovers.  Edgar loves to build with them.  Toby loves to eat them.  This make life challenging.

Dreaming up: a celebration of building / Christy Hale

How a house is built / Gail Gibbons
This step-by-step guide to the construction of a house is full of interesting details.

Iggy Peck, architect / Andrea Beaty

In Lucia's neighborhood / Pat Shewchuk
Inspired by the work of urban studies writer and activist Jane Jacobs, 7 year old Lucia takes readers on a tour of her neighbourhood.

The little house / Virginia Lee Burton
c. 1942

Maybe something beautiful:  how art transformed a neighborhood / F. Isabel Campoy
Based on the true story of the Urban Art Trail in San Diego.

Metropolis / Benoit Tardif
brightly colored illustrations - introduction to 32 of the world's major metropolises.

Sidewalk flowers / JonArno Lawson
Winner of the Canadian Governor General's Literary Award for Children's Illustrated Book.  Wordless picture book, a little girl collects wildflowers while her distracted father pays her little attention.  Each flower becomes a gift, and whether the gift is noticed or ignored, both giver and recipient are transformed by their encounter.

Using 3-D shapes to build houses / Moira Anderson


Alphabet house / Nancy Wallace
come inside, look and see things that start with A to Z

Architecture according to pigeons / Stella Gurney

Build, Dogs, Build : a tall tail / James Horvath

Dream something big / Dianna Aston

Dreaming up / Christy Hale

Freaky-strange buildings / Michael Sandler

If I built a house / Chris Van Dusen

Iggy Peck, architect / Andrea Beaty

The little house / Virginia Lee Burton

The little red fort / Brenda Maier

Look, Look, Look / Nancy Wallace

The man who walked between the towers / Mordicai Gerstein

Maybe something beautiful: how art transformed a neighborhood / F. Isabel Campoy

Old MacDonald had a woodshop / Lisa Shulman

Skyscrapers and towers / Julie Richards

Spectacular skyscrapers / Meish Goldish

The Three Little Pigs: an architectural tale / Steven Guarnaccia

This is the house that Jack built / Simms Taback

Tree house that Jack built / Bonnie Verburg

Unusual buildings / Ann-Marie Parker

What can you do with a toolbox? / cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri

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