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I am so excited to be part of the Prairie Waters Team again this year! I feel so lucky to be able to take my passion for children and their families and put it into practice. I have been working in the field of early childhood for 24 years and a member of the Prairie Waters family for 6 years. One of my families favourite things to do is go camping. I also love watching my 13 year old son play hockey, baseball and basketball. Here's to another great year at PWE!


What is the Child Development Advisor?

The CDA offers responsive services that directly support students and staff, as well as the coordination of community based services that support families.  Basic screenings of student needs in social, behavioural, and emotional areas is also provided by the CDA.  At the time, support is provided to staff in recommending and implementing specific strategies that identify and address student needs.  The CDA may work with individual students, small groups, or whole classes.  Programs include topics such as:  Positive Self-esteem, Social Skills, Emotion Management, Peer Mediation, Conflict Resolution.

Preventive and Supportive Topics - Some of the issues addressed by the CDA:

  • Preventative Programming for kids at risk
  • Peer issues and choices
  • Relationship Building
  • Reinforcing Social Skills
  • Coping with changes in the family
  • Classroom Survival Skills
  • Self-esteem/Building Resiliency/Character Building
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Bully proofing
  • Promoting Safe and Caring Schools
  • Family support and referrrals
  • Conflict resolution and anger management

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