Council Positions

Contact Information

Prairie Waters School Council
201 Invermere Drive    Chestermere, AB    T1X 1M6
Phone number:  403-285-6969

Council Positions

Chairperson - represents Council

Vice Chairperson - assists chairperson

Treasurer - responsible for council finances

Secretary - records/distributes meeting minutes

Director - promotes communication within the school community and is a voting member of Council

Additional Council Information

All positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

All positions will have support and training available.

At the AGM, everyone has the right to vote.  All other meetings, voting is restricted to Council only.

Bylaws are posted on the school website.

School Council Vision and Mission

VISION:  Being part of a place where we love to learn together.

MISSION:  To contribute to our school community by supporting programs and opportunities for students' learning and growth.



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