Dual Language Resources

Global Wonders - Hello Song

Counting to ten song
Catchy tune -  learn to count to ten in four languages:  English, Spanish, French, Japanese

French Greetings Song for Children

French children's stories
Stories translated into French and spoken by a French speaker.  Read along in French or English.  Click:  show all translations
Les Trois Petits Cochons - Boucles d'or et les Trois Ours - Le Petit Chaperon Rouge - Le Vilan Caneton

The Little Big Book Club
Ebooks that can be read online and in a range of languages (Two ebooks)
English, Indonesian, Cantonese, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, German

Embracing Diversity:  Songs and Rhymes in 15 Languages
Ready to learn children's songs and rhymes in world languages: 
Arabic, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Fliipino, French, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese (Burnaby Public Library)

LearnAlberta.ca Online Reference Centre
Muzzy Online
Use this language learning program to learn a second language in an interactive way. Each lesson is presented by theme and includes video clips, exercises and games. The languages included are British English, American English, Spanish, Spanish (LatAm), French, Chinese Pinyin, Italian, German, and Korean.

Toon Readers
Free resources allow children to read select TOON Books Online and in multiple languages.  Children can listen to the entire text using "Read to me".  Languages:  English-French-Spanish-Russian-Chinese

United for Literacy Library
Online ebooks to help children to read.
Narration:  None-Arabic-ASL-Burmese-Chinese-Danish-Dutch-Farsi-French-German-Hindi-Italian-Japanese-Korean-Polish-Portuguese-Russian-Spanish-Tagalog-Turkish-Vietnamese-up to 30 languages.
Topics:  Animals, Earth and Sky, Technology, Health, Know and Learn, Family, Community, Friends, Create and Play.

Kids eye view of daily life in countries around the world.
LearnAlberta.ca - Online Reference Centre - Culturegrams

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